An International luxury fashion label born in paris and now set in south africa’s bubbling fashion ecosystem.. this is a brand dedicated to creating unique well crafted garments for exceptional individuals. The brand’s core signature transcends trends and promotes timelessness, creating classics with a decadent approach centred on simple cuts with unexpected details.

We truly do believe in the “personal touch” and getting to know and understand our clients and their true essence and preferred styles is of utmost importance. For us, it’s not just about creating clothes but creating garments that are woven together with a bit of poetry, edge and real feelings.

This is a brand dedicated to creating unique well crafted garments for exceptional individuals. We provide couture garments, for special ceremonies like weddings, awards and Galas and other high profile events. these are personalised services, where we cater to your every styling need to the very last detail…
With finishings and embellishments done fully by hand we aim for perfection. An impeccable standard that we continue to perfect with every garment sewn.

Born and raised in South Africa she grew up in a very business minded and professionally competent family. “Even though we joked about it my dad similarised every situation to a business situation .He also has a creative side something i think we both share and has influenced us to work together and birth this idea. “In order to go the extra mile to achieve excellence and fuse talent, passion and skill Zazi moved to Paris in 2013 to pursue a degree in fashion in the worlds Number one Fashion Capital. Zazi completed her degree in fashion design & creation at the very first fashion school in history the esteemed, Esmod.

During Zazi’s five years in Paris she quickly understood how ‘who’ you know impacts ‘what’ you know and so she developed formidable networking skills that saw her forging relationships with some of the worlds renowned fashion designers. The relationships formed stretched from reputable PR agencies to top publications with the likes of Diane Von Furstenburg, Sonia Rykiel, Altuzarra, Ellery and the list goes on. Some of Zazi’s garments have been showcased at a Jean Paul Gaultier show called Les Enfant Terrible. One thing that has attributed to Zazi’s success in her market is the ideal of Going the extra mile. Zazi stands head strong with the ideal that the difference between someone who achieves their goals consistently and those who spend their lives merely following is The Extra Mile. 

So If anything, choose to be EXTRA.