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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Booking an appointment for a consultation:

Book an appointment (here – link to contact page) otherwise feel free to connect with us on WhatsApp: 081 315 7288 or email:

2. How does your consultation work?

Before we meet, we require you to have some references ready which can help guide us create something that you love and are comfortable with. Further research is done by our designer where you will be shown fabrics that go best with your references and colours that are appropriate for your events theme. Your measurements will be taken and based off of your discussion with the designer you will soon after receive a quote.

3. What are your prices for custom made wear?

Prices are unique to each design Click (here – link to contact page) to connect with us directly and get a quote. Alternatively, here’s our number 081 315 7288 and email:

4. Can I hire a dress/ bridesmaid dress?

We don’t hire out our garments.

5. How long must I contact you in advance to discuss my dress?

For weddings you must come 4 months prior to the day.
For events such as graduation, matric dance, gala, red carpet etcetera, please contact us a month to two months prior to the event.

6. Do I have to pay for a consultation and can I bring someone with me?

Consultations cost R350 which is payable upfront. Feel free to bring an additional person to be your second pair of eyes.

8. How does payment work?

50% upfront payment for all dresses either custom made or ready-to-wear. and balance is payable upon collection